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GED-lex specialises in the field of labour law and industrial relations, providing assistance to workers and companies both in and out of court.


Our labor law department specialises in the legal areas below:

  • disciplinary proceedings;

  • mobbing;

  • individual and collective dismissals;

  • assistance in the event of inspections by administrative bodies (INPS, Inail, Enasarco and the Ministry of Labor in its various branches) and in the deriving litigation stage;

  • trade union negotiations and construction of collective agreements;

  • privatised public employment;

  • cooperative work;

  • workers' duties and tasks;

  • non-competition agreements;

  • safety at workplace;

  • transfer of business.


GED-lex assists companies, employees, and managers in dealing with all issues that may arise in the establishment, performance, and termination of employment relationships.

Labor law

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